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Thematic scope

1. Methods to increase fertilization efficiency (new application techniques; new fertilizers).

2. Transformations of fertilizing components in various soil and fertilizing conditions (with a particular emphasis on the circulation and balancing of components in the agro-ecosystems).

3. Fertilizer use of wastes as a part of the circular economy.

4. Fertilization in the determination of the quantity and quality of crop yield.

5. Quantitative and qualitative changes in soil organic matter under conditions of diverse soil use.

6. Typology, mineralogical and physicochemical properties of differently used soils.

7. Soil quality features, biodiversity and crop yielding in various agriculture, soil cultivation and fertilization systems.

8. The use of precision farming tools in on-farm experiments.

9. Yield determination and the importance of pasture and permanent meadows in feed production in various farming systems and modern grassland renovation technologies.

10. Modern statistical methods in agricultural experimentation (with particular emphasis on: mixed linear models in the analysis of experimental data, mathematical modeling of agricultural phenomena, applications of geostatistics in agriculture).